Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol is at the heart of Regional Security. Our roots began in this function and we continue to invest a great deal of time and energy to ensure that we deliver our clients with a quality service. A mobile patrol driver is a necessity for any business as they can be dispatched to your site to handle alarms and other emergencies as they arise. It is not always possible, as an owner or manager, to be in contact or available for a last minute emergency. Our mobile patrols will provide you with the security you need to function away from the office or building without worrying about an emergency.

Just like on-site security guards and personnel training, mobile patrols can provide your company with many advantages while you are away:

  • Patrols are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, providing your company with around the clock surveillance
  • Regular, random visits throughout the day with clearly marked personnel and vehicles prove to be a deterrent from theft and property damage
  • The patrol schedule is very flexible and able to fit into your schedule as needed
  • The patrol personnel monitor your property and report any incidents
  • Regular visits increase the probability that a fire or emergency is detected should one arise
  • Mobile patrols can serve as an escort for staff and employees at the end of the day, assist with secure pick-ups and deliveries or aid in maintaining a lock-up schedule
  • Provide staff or clients with peace of mind that they are not alone or that their belongings are being monitored
  • Act as a key holder while you are away, providing access to emergency personnel in the case of an incident
  • Proven to be successful through past experience with banks, hydro, gas and telephone companies

We would like to work with you to determine your security needs. We are determined to provide you and your staff with the peace of mind of knowing that you are in a safe environment.  Contact us at (250)562-1215 or using the contact form provided.